Early Care International

We are committed to a sustainable future for children and youth.

Early Care International implements programmes and projects that improve the lives of children and youth. We strongly believe that all changes must include and respect the perspectives of the people it concerns. Thus, we encourage our local partners to identify important issues and take collective action. 

Together with children, youth and our local partner organisations we identify and define the areas of intervention. The partnership between families, communities and various institutions is vital to the overall development of children and youth.

We believe that sustainable change is possible when local actors collectively identify important issues, take ownership and are actively involved in the projects that we implement. At Early Care International, we are committed to creating collaboration and cooperation among civil society organisations, government institutions and private business to address the significant challenges of children and youth sustainably. 

To achieve our objectives, we:

  • Mobilise resources
  • Promote accessible, equitable, and quality programmes and services for children and youth
  • Manage, create and share contextual and relevant knowledge

Play-based approaches

Early Care International works with stakeholders to integrate play into programming and service delivery. Play is vital to enhance the holistic development of children and youth.

Vision and Mission

As a civil society organisation Early Care International works with various aspects of children and youth based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the World Programme  of Action for youth to the year 2000 and Beyond. 

We strive to provide sustainable solutions for children and youth so they can aspire to full participation in the life of society. 


We see a world where children and youth have all their needs met to achieve their full human potential.


We assist children and youth in getting the necessary services such as healthcare, education, food, safety, security and employment to achieve their full human potential.

Why we work with children and youth


Early care and support for children profoundly impact their overall development and benefit society. The World Bank estimates that 250 million children under the age of five live in poverty and lack health care, nutrition, learning, early stimulation and responsive care. Ultimately, 250 million children do not reach their full developmental potential globally due to poverty and lack of vital services early in life.


Early childhood development (ECD) programmes support children's growth and development from birth to age five. ECD programmes include nurturing care, health care, nutrition, play, learning, and protection. The interventions address a growing child’s cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical developmental domains. At Early Care International, we are committed to creating accessible, equitable and quality ECD programmes and services for all children.


Youth between the ages of 10 and 24 years comprise a huge proportion of the population in developing countries. While young people aspire to participate fully in society, too many youths are unable to do so because they have limited opportunities for education, training, viable employment and health and social services etc. According to the United Nations Population Fund, poor literacy among youths in developing countries means that around 175 million young people cannot read a full sentence. Moreover, within the group of young people aged 15-24 years, around 500 million live on less than 2$ a day and over 73 million are unemployed. The unprecedented number of youth in developing countries represent agents for social change and socio-economic development while they are also a major human resource. Thus, Early Care International collaborates with the youth and our local partners in planning intervention programmes and projects to improve the conditions and opportunities that allow youth to fully take part in society. 

Play, children and youth

Early Care International actively works with stakeholders to integrate play into programmes and projects targeted toward children and youth. We believe that play is fundamental to enhancing the holistic development of children and youth. Services and programmes that are targeted toward children and youth could be robust and natural if these integrate play. In Early Care International we work to integrate play into programmes and services for children and youth through a contextually relevant and responsive approach.

Ongoing projects 2021-2023

From 2021-2023 Early Care International will focus on programmes and projects that aim to improve the lives of children and youth. As the founders of the organisation have work experiences related to children and youth in various contexts, this has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the field of work to implement programmes and projects effectively. Hence we are implementing projects in Ethiopia and have other project proposals in the pipeline to be implemented in other contexts. 

Let's talk!

If you share our ambition to change the lives of children and youth, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will return to you right away.